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Since two years I order my taobao goods with Obook and I'm always very satisfied. The service is great and friendly, the delivery fast and smooth. For me the price is also warrantable because you really receive a save and guaranteed delivery of your goods in a very good condition.

Original Post by M Hl., Germany, Mar 8, 2021 

Excellent service, always professional, a pleasure to deal with.

Original Post by Peter Grimshaw, Australia, Mar 8, 2021 

There are about 60 of the DTS-10 for sale on Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of Ebay. One can go through a Taobao agent in China such as Obook, which charges a modest fee to receive it from a Chinese seller and then send it to you. I have ordered several things now this way. The Chinese Yuan trades at about 7:1 to the US Dollar, and going with an agent (with fees and extra shipping) means that you generally divide the Taobao asking price by 5 to get the US Dollar end cost.  The DTS-10 is going for around 350 Yuan, so one could be had for $70 in about two weeks or so.

Original Post by Kevin, United States, May 26, 2010 at 07:02 

I've had trouble with ordering from the US from dangdang and My payments never went through. I just gave up, but am curious what I did wrong. 

Some thoughts on alternatives-

-I've had no problem ordering from (pretty much all traditional books). 

-I had a great experience with, mentioned above. They found two books I was looking for, stocked them, and I ordered. Very easy and pretty quick (their shipping prices/speeds are varied).

-I have an order in with Obook, a taobao agent, so I'll see how that goes. Edit:: I received my order. Everything was pretty quick and easy. 

Original Post by Gleaves, United States, 01 November 2009 - 05:53 

I went through I would like to try out Taobaonow and see how their shipping rates compare, perhaps for my next order. The obook agent I dealt with on Skype had a lot of fun with the order, and got it for $18 shipped to Brazil via air.

Original Post  by Mike, Brazil, 16 September 2009 04:19 

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