There are about 60 of the DTS-10 for sale on Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of Ebay. One can go through a Taobao agent in China such as Obook, which charges a modest fee to receive it from a Chinese seller and then send it to you. I have ordered several things now this way. The Chinese Yuan trades at about 7:1 to the US Dollar, and going with an agent (with fees and extra shipping) means that you generally divide the Taobao asking price by 5 to get the US Dollar end cost.  The DTS-10 is going for around 350 Yuan, so one could be had for $70 in about two weeks or so.

Original Post by Kevin, United States, May 26, 2010 at 07:02 

I've had trouble with ordering from the US from dangdang and My payments never went through. I just gave up, but am curious what I did wrong. 

Some thoughts on alternatives-

-I've had no problem ordering from (pretty much all traditional books). 

-I had a great experience with, mentioned above. They found two books I was looking for, stocked them, and I ordered. Very easy and pretty quick (their shipping prices/speeds are varied).

-I have an order in with Obook, a taobao agent, so I'll see how that goes. Edit:: I received my order. Everything was pretty quick and easy. 

Original Post by Gleaves, United States, 01 November 2009 - 05:53 

I went through I would like to try out Taobaonow and see how their shipping rates compare, perhaps for my next order. The obook agent I dealt with on Skype had a lot of fun with the order, and got it for $18 shipped to Brazil via air.

Original Post  by Mike, Brazil, 16 September 2009 04:19 

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